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Introduction of Sanding Montmorillonite Research Center

Sanding montmorillonite Research Center, formerly known as the R & D center of Zhejiang sanding Technology Co., Ltd., is subordinate to Zhejiang sanding group and the first production, learning and research base of the engineering research center of the Ministry of education for nano mineral materials and applications in China. The R & D strength of sanding montmorillonite research center is strong. The main consultants are Professor Zhang Lide, chief nano scientist of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Yan Chunjie of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Dr Yang Zhihong of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and Dr Zuo Shufeng of Shaoxing University of Arts and Science. The R & D team now has 3 professor level researchers, 5 doctoral postgraduates and more than 20 other middle and senior talents 。 Over the past decade, the research center has successively undertaken 11 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, more than 10 horizontal projects, with a total R & D investment of more than 26 million yuan; applied for 3 provincial new products, 12 national invention patents, with more than 20 core technologies, and published more than 70 research and application papers related to montmorillonite in professional journals.

Some partners are as follows:

• China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

• South China Agricultural University

• Central China Agricultural University

• Zhejiang University

• Institute of solid state physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

• Zhejiang feed Research Institute

• Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

• Shaoxing University of Arts and Science


R & D team of Sanding Montmorillonite Research Center

Unveiling of industry university research base

Photos of attending feed exhibition and mycotoxin adsorbent Seminar


Project acceptance meeting of "in depth development and industrialization of montmorillonite products" of domestic scientific and technological achievements transformation project of major science and technology projects in Zhejiang Province

Partially authorized national invention patent certificate